How to Hang a Chandelier from a Vaulted Ceiling

Last updated on November 20th, 2022

There’s nothing quite as elegant as a hanging chandelier in an open room in your home. Chandeliers and hanging lights provide plenty of light to rooms with tall ceilings while giving your home a beautiful, upscale feeling.

Hanging a chandelier has its challenges, however. It’s not always as simple as installing ceiling lights and twisting in a light bulb. Hanging a chandelier or pendant light from a vaulted (slanted) ceiling can make the task more difficult.

Because your ceiling is slanted, you’ll want to hang a chandelier or hanging light fixture best suited for your vaulted ceiling. A chandelier pendant light with a sturdy rod, adjustable chain or cord is recommended to ensure your chandelier hangs straight. Depending on your vaulted ceiling, a flush-mount chandelier, for example, might not work.

If you want to enhance your home with beautiful lighting by installing a chandelier, here is how to hang a chandelier from a vaulted ceiling so it’s secure and hangs perfectly.

How to Hang a Chandelier From a Vaulted Ceiling

When hanging a chandelier from a vaulted ceiling, there are certain adjustments and tools that you will need so that it hangs straight and securely. Here is how to properly hang a chandelier from a slanted or sloped ceiling.

What Tools Do You Need?

Your chandelier should come with all of the screws and fasteners that you will need, but there are some things you’ll need to have before you start trying to install your new light fixture on a vaulted ceiling.

You’re going to need a ladder so you can install the electrical box in the ceiling and secure the chandelier from the ceiling. You’ll need a good screwdriver set to secure all of the screws that come with the chandelier.

You need an electrical box that is the right type and size for the chandelier you’ve chosen. A pencil is also needed for tracing around the electrical box on the ceiling.

You should have a drywall saw for cutting the ceiling so you can install the electrical box. You’ll also need a mounting strap to wrap around the box.

Install the Electrical Box

First, you’ll need to turn off the breaker so you aren’t working with active electricity. Then, install an electrical box that is suited for your hanging light fixture.

Trace around your electrical box on the ceiling above where you want to hang the chandelier, and cut that portion out. Then, install the electrical box in the ceiling. Make sure all of the screws that come with your box are tightened and secured properly.

Attach the Chandelier

First, you need to assemble the chandelier on the floor so it’s all ready to go when you’re ready to secure it to the ceiling. Then, wrap the chandelier mounting strap over the electrical box you just installed and secure it in place with screws.

Place the rod above the chandelier wire and secure it onto the connector at the bottom of the chandelier. The wires should be coming out of the hole at the top of the chandelier’s canopy.

Connect these wires to the electrical box installed in the ceiling according to the wire colors that match up.

Then, you’ll need to lift the chandelier canopy so it’s touching the ceiling. Tighten the color loop at the bottom so that the chandelier is secure in place.

Once the chandelier is all set up, you can turn the breaker back on and bring new, elegant light to your home.

For More Information

Hanging a pendant light fixture or chandelier from a vaulted ceiling that is slanted or sloped may seem like a daunting task, but with the right type of chandelier and the proper tools, it can be done easily.

Hopefully, this information helps aid you as a starting point in hanging your chandelier. Check out our blog for more chandelier resources.