Black crystal chandeliers are great for making a bold statement! Below is a list of best-selling black crystal chandeliers that offer timeless beauty, elegance, and contrast to your desired space. These are some of the most popular black crystal chandeliers for sale in 2021.

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Beautiful Black Crystal Chandelier Lighting

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Gypsy Color 6-Light Black Crystal Chandelier

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This impressive black chandelier with black acrylic crystals and beads offers amazing quality and design at a great price for a 6-light chandelier. The light fixture provides a versatile design that adds sophistication to any room in your home.

The fixture uses strong and lightweight black acrylic crystal teardrops. These quality poly-carbonate acrylic crystals reflect and refract light similar to glass and is much easier to assemble and install than glass. A stunning display of jet black crystal beading and swag results in a subtly gothic and striking statement piece.

6 E12-base LED max 40-watt bulbs are required for lighting (not included). LED bulbs are recommended for cost and energy savings. This fixture is dimmable with compatible light bulbs and dimmer switch installed (sold separately).

The black crystal light fixture is delivered almost fully assembled for easy assembly and installation. You just have to unfold the arms, position cups, connect strands, and it’s pretty much all set!

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Edvivi Marya 4-Light Black Round Beaded Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier

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Add contemporary perfection to your home with this unique and beautifully extravagant black and crystal designed chandelier. The chandelier features antique brown-brushed black hardware in a crystal latticed drum shade. Two layers of cascading crystals drip from the hardware that supports its four upward facing bulbs.

The crystal decorated black chandelier’s 4-light down lighting design casts a glow in your chosen room which sets an elegant mood of drama and romanticism. This quality black drum shade crystal chandelier looks very pretty and expensive in person. Looks great in a dining room, living room, or bedroom.

The chandelier requires 4 E12-base max 60-watt bulbs (not included) and works with a compatible dimmer switch (sold separately). A chain is included that you can adjust by removing links. The fixture can also work with a sloped or slanted ceiling.

Some assembly is required for this hardwired chandelier. A professional installer is recommended. It takes some time to place all the crystals and shorten the included chain’s length by removing some of the steel chain links if needed based on your room dimensions. However, you might find yourself able to install this chandelier on your own if you take your time.

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Wellmet 7-Light 3-Tier Black Modern Crystal Chandelier

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This large modern black crystal chandelier combines classic and contemporary elements. The clear and simple black lines are equipped with high quality K9 crystals to add a dazzling brilliance into your space. Fits well with mid-century, contemporary, modern, and transitional home designs and decor. A beautiful fixture for a dining room, living room, entryway or foyer.

The chandelier is crafted from a matte black-finished metal base and features dangling crystal accents that are great for catching and reflecting the light for a dazzling effect. The 3-tier rainbow sparkling crystals drip off, giving your room a glamorous, contemporary look. The thick metal lamp body and top-grade crystal prisms ensure the fixture is built to last.

The chandelier requires 7 E12-base 60-watt bulbs (not included). Compatible with dimmable bulbs and dimmer switch (sold separately). A fully adjustable chain is included. The fixture is installable on slanted, sloped, and vaulted ceilings.

The chandelier’s installation process is pretty straightforward. Hanging up the crystals can take some time, but it’s so worth it!

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PAPAYA 1-Light Vintage Small Black Crystal Chandelier

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This pendant style vintage black crystal chandelier may be small in size, but that doesn’t stop it from making a gorgeous, dramatic statement! Hanging one or several of these black crystal pendant lights makes any room in your home more exquisite. Works really well in a kitchen, bathroom, girls room, babies nursery, entryway, closet, and small spaces.

The chandelier is made with a wrought iron base decorated with small, pretty acrylic black crystals combined with longer K9 glass black crystals around the edge and bottom of the light fixture. This black crystal pendant fixture puts out a ton of light for the size and price! Perfect for making a bold, chic statement.

The chandelier requires 1 E26-base max 100-watt bulb (not included). Compatible with dimmable bulbs and dimmer switch (sold separately). An adjustable chain is included. The light works with slanted, sloped, and vaulted ceilings.

The chandelier requires a straightforward hardwired installation. However, some patience is required to assemble all of the included small pieces. Putting the chandelier together including attaching most of the crystals before hanging the fixture is recommended, however be careful to avoid dropping and cracking crystals!

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SEOL LIGHT 1-Light Farmhouse Small Black Crystal Branch Chandelier

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This beautiful flush mount small black chandelier presents a unique crystal branch design that incorporates vintage rustic style with classic elegance. A very pretty and functional light fixture that works well in many smaller rooms and spaces.

The small black chandelier is decorated with dazzling transparent glass crystals to capture and reflect the light from its bulb. It gives off a nice balanced amount of sparkle and lighting without being overpowering.

The chandelier requires 3 E12-base max 40-watt bulb (not included). LED bulbs are recommended, but works with incandescent, CFL, and halogen bulbs as well. Compatible with dimmable bulbs and dimmer switch (not included).

Installing the small black chandelier fixture is pretty easy. However, some adjusting may be required to ensure the crystal branches remain upright by tightening the included nuts.

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Q&S 1-Light Small Modern Black Crystal Chandelier

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The mini 1-light black modern crystal chandelier from Q&S offers a uniquely distinct and elegant design that’s sure to receive compliments in any white or modern setting. The light looks wonderful in a foyer or entrance, over a kitchen island, hallway or corridor, and a girls room or bedroom. Hanging two or three of these over a large kitchen island or hallway looks great too!

An abundance of gorgeous jet black crystal prisms and beads adorn the black-brushed metal chandelier fixture. The crystals provide a subtle bit of color that softens the light, while giving a subtle twinkling effect.

The chandelier requires 1 E26-base max 60-watt bulb (not included). E26 LED warm white bulbs are great to try for creating a cozy environment. Works with dimmable bulbs and compatible dimmer switch (not included).

Installation is pretty simple for this mini black chandelier light with the included directions. Like usual with many modern crystal decorated light fixtures, it takes a little time to attach the black crystals.

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