A Beginners Guide to The Most Popular Chandelier Styles

Last updated on November 20th, 2022

Are you looking for a new chandelier but aren’t sure what style to go for?

Chandeliers are often an overlooked accessory in the home, but they can make or break a room.

If you have a rustic or antique-style home, modern chandeliers are the wrong option as they were made to stand out. If your home is minimalistic, an empire crystal or drum chandelier can clutter the space and take away from its sleekness.

Keep reading to discover the most beautiful chandelier styles for your home and how to choose the one for you.

What Are the Most Popular Chandelier Styles?

When you establish an interior decoration style for your home, everything from furniture to decor has to match, including the light fixtures.

Read below to see which chandelier style will fit your aesthetics.

Modern Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are simplistic, with very few decorations and only one type of material, mainly metal or glass.

Many contemporary chandeliers and hanging light fixtures feature futuristic designs with the purpose of becoming an accent piece in the room.

They may be difficult to incorporate into classic, antique or rustic decor due to their simplicity, but work perfectly for modern, minimalistic homes.

Rustic Chandeliers

Rustic chandeliers are charming lighting pieces full of character and tradition.

They’re made of simple materials like wrought iron and wood, featuring clean lines and natural design elements.

You’ll often find rustic chandeliers with plant, branches, and animal motifs. They’re versatile enough to add a homey feel to a modern home and even more personality to a rustic lodge home.

Transitional Chandeliers

Transitional styles of chandeliers are a mix of modern and traditional, in terms of materials, shape, and overall design.

You’ll find clean, sleek lines to reflect contemporary styles installed on an ornate, metal body with brass finishes and candle-like fixtures.

If you’re going for classic, yet chic lighting, transitional chandeliers can give any room warmth and sophistication.

Drum Chandeliers

If you’re going for a simpler style of lighting that won’t be the center of attention in a room, a drum chandelier might be the right choice.

It features a drum-like lampshade that surrounds the light bulbs, only slightly dimming them for the perfect ambiance.

In classic drum chandeliers, the shade covers the entire lamp, while in more modern styles, each bulb is surrounded by a small drum-shaped shade.

French Empire Crystal Chandeliers

The French Empire chandelier is a traditional, elegant style of lighting most commonly made of crystals and brass.

It first originated in Medieval France and used candles to light the room. Later on, in the 17th century, it became an extravagant decoration and a status symbol for the bourgeoisie and the King’s palace.

If you want a piece of lighting history in your home, opt for a real antique Empire chandelier. A more affordable option is a mass-produced version for a touch of luxury.

Brighten Up Your Room With a New Chandelier!

If you’re thinking of buying a new chandelier, consider these popular chandelier styles to choose from.

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