5 Great Ways You Can Incorporate a Chandelier into Any Room

Last updated on November 20th, 2022

Most people think chandeliers are only for families with a lot of money, like royalty or movie stars. As elegant (and expensive) as a chandelier can be, though, there are many stunning options available to the average homeowner.

Chandeliers come in all textures and sizes, ranging from rustic creations to bright crystal arrangements. Whether you’re interested in making your space look more glamorous or you just want a lighting fixture that’s a little different from the norm, there’s an affordable chandelier that’s right for you.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate one into your home, check out these design options.

1. In a Bedroom

What kind of lighting do you have in the bedroom right now? Do you rely on one light switch on the far end of the room to light everything, or do you have floor lamps taking up more space than they need to?

Fix these problems and create a cozier, sophisticated space by installing a chandelier. No matter what color the room is or even how big it is, the chandelier transforms the whole space. You may even be able to make the room look bigger!

2. As a Piece of Living Room Decor

While comfort is of absolute importance in the bedroom, it’s something you need to focus on in the living room, too. Various chandeliers for living room options could very well be the final touch missing in this part of the home.

Picture yourself sitting on the couch and looking up at a lovely industrial rustic chandelier or a beautiful crystal arrangement. The lighting can make you feel right at home and it will wow guests who are visiting for the first time, too.

3. Above the Dining Table

Another great place to put a chandelier is in the dining area. The dining table is where many fond memories are created over the years. It’s where your kids tell you the colleges they’re applying to and about the people they’re dating, and where you and your spouse talk about work and life with them.

Why not have something to make this place look as special as it really is? A chandelier is a perfect trick for this. It celebrates the beauty of coming together and sharing meals with one another as a family.

4. To Illuminate the Kitchen

Are the kitchen and dining areas joined by an open floor plan? Is there a large island in the middle of the kitchen? If so, it might be better to install a chandelier in the kitchen than in the dining room.

This will command attention. It lights up the kitchen, making it look wider and maybe even a bit cleaner. More so, it will invite everyone to gather around as you’re cooking for the family and hosting for friends.

5. To Welcome Guests

Speaking of hosting friends, consider putting a chandelier at the entrance of your home to make them feel welcome right away. It can go in the foyer or in the hall that connects the entrance to the living or dining area. If you have two stories and one large ceiling, hang the chandelier from the very top in a way that it can be seen from the ground floor.

Find the Right Chandelier for Your Home

You should be able to picture a few chandelier placement opportunities more clearly now. Of course, the setup of your home and the current design will influence where the best option really is. Not to mention, you may end up getting more than one chandelier to redecorate with!

Check out these affordable chandelier fixtures for some inspiration!

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