4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Chandelier Design

Last updated on November 20th, 2022

As the cost of lighting has dropped over time as a result of advancements in lighting technology and efficiency, more people are finding ways to expand their lighting horizons. More people are exploring chandeliers as a way to light their homes or liven up their living spaces.

With so many options for chandelier design, there’s no wrong way to show off what your space can do. Below are four chandelier designs you may want to consider for your home.

1. Crystal

One of the most glamorous options for chandeliers has to be crystal. When you’re looking for an elegant lighting option to enhance your home, a crystal chandelier may be the way to go. Crystal chandeliers are a popular centerpiece of any room.

When crystals hang down or surround a light fixture, they add a sense of drama by catching and refracting light in a unique and brilliant way.

A large chandelier can become a serious statement piece in a large dining room. A small one can still bring a lot of gorgeous light and attention if you want to keep things low-key. Crystal chandeliers offer a sense of refinement that you can only get from such a rich and historical hanging.

2. Glass

If you want to complement your furniture in a way that’s low-key or even modern, a glass chandelier is the answer. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. While it is true that crystal is a subcategory of glass, not all glass is defined as crystal, which depends on the amount of lead content in the glass. You can learn more about the difference between crystal and glass here.

There are classic or traditional glass chandeliers that come in different shapes and sizes to fit every lighting style of your home. If you like a classic look, you can give your home a fantastic facelift with one of these.

For modern homes, there are modern crystal chandeliers to give your living room something that feels fancy but low-key. There really is such a thing as a modest chandelier.

3. Candles

If you like to have a romantic or rustic-looking chandelier in your home, a candle chandelier can bring you everything you’re looking for. They emulate the look and feel of a set of candles without having to deal with the cleanup.

With the number of flickering bulbs available, you can have the look and feel of candelabra without losing any of the charms your home should have. These can be stunning in a foyer or lovely in a dining room.

4. Shaded Bulbs

If you want something discrete and lovely, a shaded chandelier like the shaded model provided in the Tadpoles chandelier collection can create a soft light source in any room.

With shades, you can create any level of lighting you choose. Thicker shades will allow you to lower the light while thinner, lighter-colored shades let the light through.

If you want to tie it all together, buy curtains to match the design of your shades.

Chandelier Design Can Suit Any Home

No matter what your interior style is, there’s a chandelier design to match what you’re looking to do. There’s an array of affordable quality chandeliers available that can add elegance to any modern, traditional, or transitional setting.